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Driving Lesson Edmonton London

Driving Lesson Edmonton London

Driving Lesson Edmonton London

Driving Lesson Edmonton London

The Right Attitude

In order to pass in the fastest possible time and with the lease minor faults, you first need to have the right attitude towards learning to drive in the UK. If you don’t possess this right attitude, then you simply will not pass the driving test and won’t enjoy taking driving lessons in Edmonton London or anywhere else.

Have realistic goals. Life as a learner can often be pretty frustrating. The time when you can finally drive un-aided can seem a far away. If you have only just started to drive, or you have not started yet, then it is at least 3-6 months away. Try not to think that you can have a couple of driving lessons now and again, a few practice runs with friends and relatives now and again, and you’ll be ready for the test. This won’t happen.

It takes the average student 40 hours before becoming an accomplished driver before taking their first ever driving lesson to the day I passed. Obviously, this time varies from person to person, but in most cases, you can expect to be a learner for at least six months. So, it’s important that you don’t get ahead of yourself, and be realistic about the timescale involved. If you rush things and take your test before you’re ready, then you will fail miserably. This is a fact, so don’t do it!!

Be determined. Passing your driving test is just like any other challenge in life, such as taking exams, learning a musical instrument, or succeeding in your job. If you are determined to succeed, then you will. If you’re determined to pass, then you’re obviously going to pass sooner, and the sense of achievement you get when you do pass will be greater than it would be otherwise. If you’re not determined, then you’ll take a lot longer to develop the necessary skills involved in driving, and again, this will most likely cause you to book your test before you’re ready and then wonder why you failed after being a learner for so long. It’s usually because you simply weren’t determined enough.

Don’t even think about giving up on your Driving Lesson Edmonton London If you can avoid it, you should never give up and take the attitude of “I’ll never pass”, as if you think about it, you literally won’t ever pass with an attitude like that. Eliminate all negative thoughts. We have had students in the past who have failed their test twice and then decided that they were going to have a ‘break’ from taking driving lessons in Edmonton London for a while. Do not do this! Aside from massively increasing the time it takes to pass, you’re wasting all of the money you’ve spent on driving lessons. Obviously, six months on and the pupils are still taking a ‘break’, so he still hasn’t passed!

This is a perfect example of what not to do if you fail (not that you‘re going to!), or if you’ve already failed: Never give up!

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