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Driving Instructors In Redhill And About The Test

Driving Instructors In Redhill And About The Test

Driving Instructors In Redhill And About The Test

Our Driving Instructors In Redhill are 2nd to none.

Let’s begin by telling you what may happen on the day of your driving test.

Well, your Driving Instructors In Redhill will pick you up two hours prior to the driving test itself. Your closest driving test centre is in Reigate.

Ignore the negative reviews left by disgruntled students who have inevitably failed.

The driving test will last approximately 40 minutes.

In that period the examiner will take you through a vast array of different driving scenarios; from busy city centres to residential roads, roundabouts, etc

Also, slow pace side streets to high-speed dual carriageways.

Your¬†examiner will want to see whether you’re able to deal with all types of driving situations on your own, and when they see that you can in a safe manner, guess what?

Congratulations YOU’VE PASSED!

In addition to all this, you’ll be requested to perform one from a potential four manoeuvres at a certain point during your exam, you ought to have a fair understanding of how to execute these as you’d have been taught by your own Driving Instructors In Redhill.


[Yes I’ve highlighted this in capitals] To bring your driving licence and theory test certificate.

Your Driving Instructors In Redhill will supply you with a vehicle that you’ll be taking your test in, which will likely be the one that you would have been learning in. It will definitely have L plates displayed.

Just in case You haven’t booked your driving test you can do so here but only when your driving instructor in Redhill knows that you are safe, ready and able to drive the vehicle on your own.

You need to be certain that, at all cost, that you are not late for the driving test. If you arrive more than five minutes late, your driving test may be cancelled and you will not receive your money back or a refund.

This might seem harsh, but it is not like you did not know what time you’re supposed to be there!

Before beginning your driving test, you’ll be requested to read a number plate of a vehicle roughly twenty metres (20.5 meters or 67 feet off is the minimum distance ).

The EyeSight Test

Believe it or not, your examiner will not be really comfortable getting into a vehicle with somebody who can not see!

If you are short-sighted, you are going to need to use your glasses/contact lenses throughout your driving test.

Oh, and it is wise to wear them after you have passed too, just in case you’re in any doubt…

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