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10 Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

10 Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

10 Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

Reasons People Fail Their Driving Tes

If you’ve ever wondered the many weird and wacky ways and reasons people fail their driving test which will cause many to fail, then you’re in for a good read! There’s a lot of ways in which to fail here that won’t surprise you, and a few that probably will! And make sure that, come your test, you don’t do anything similar to what you read here! With that, let’s begin……….

1.Starting the engine with the car in gear. If this happens to you, then you could not possibly have got off to a worse start on your test. This will usually be classed as just a minor, but if there’s a pedestrian close to the car when you do it, it will be classed as a major. Meaning that you’ve failed before you’ve even moved a few feet! To avoid this, you need to get into the habit of putting the car into neutral each and every time you switch off the engine. If you didn’t know already, when you start the engine with the car in gear, the car will stall and go jerking forwards uncontrollably. So beware!

2.Failing to check your blind spot when pulling away from a kerb. When you pull away from a kerb, you’re first required to check your blind spot to make sure that there’s nothing coming. Of course, you should check your mirrors before you check your blind spot, but you still have to do it. If you pull out in front of someone as a result of this, it’s an immediate failure. And you’re only just pulling away from the kerb outside the test centre. What a terrible start that would be!

3. Not indicating before pulling away from a kerb when there’s someone there to indicate to. Before you indicate, you should first check your mirrors to see if anything’s coming. If there is anything anywhere, then you must indicate before you pull away from a kerb, otherwise you’re classed as being a hazard to whatever’s there. You’ll fail if this happens.

4. Driving off with the handbrake on. If you do this, you’ll fail instantly. Depending on the strength of your handbrake, the car will either stall, or just seem like hard work to move forwards! Your examiner will be looking to make sure that you release the handbrake, so don’t think that just because you’ve got a weak handbrake that you might get away with it! If you do this, you’ll be the laughing stock of all your friends (if you have the guts to tell them, that is), so make sure you don’t do it.

5. Crossing your arms when steering around a corner. When you turn a corner, you’re expected to feed the wheel through your hands. That means that your arms should always be straight when you turn a corner, and the wheel should be fed through them. If you keep your hands fixed on a certain position on the wheel, then your arms are going to cross over when you make a steep turn. If you let this happen, then it’s all over!

6. Driving with no hands on the wheel. This may sound like a bad offense, or it may not. Whatever you think, it will certainly cause you to fail your test! When you’re on your test, you should always have at least one hand on the wheel, or you’ll fail straight away. Even if you only have them both off for a fraction of a second, you can bet that your examiner will notice. When you change gear, you should move your left hand back to the wheel straight away. The only time in which your right hand will ever be off the wheel is when you switch on the ignition, so make sure that, when you do this, you have your left hand firmly on the wheel.

7.Letting the wheel ‘spin back’ after you’ve turned a corner. If your car has power steering, then this can be easy to do. You must, however, make sure that you don’t do it. Quite obviously, you must be in complete control over the steering wheel at all times. Expect to fail if you do this more than once!

8. Driving with your right arm resting on the window ledge. You’d be amazed if someone told you that they failed their test because of this wouldn‘t you? Well, many have done, and many still will! There is nothing that will give your examiner the impression that you’re too relaxed and not paying enough attention quite as much as doing this. Your arms should be virtually straight. If you’re sitting in a position in which you would feel more comfortable doing this, then you should move your seat back. If it’s as far back as it goes, then you just have to concentrate and make sure you don’t do it.

9.Not showing enough control over the accelerator. You need to have a good feel for the accelerator of the car you’re going to be driving when it comes to your test. If you press it down a little too hard, especially when you’re in a lower gear and moving away from a kerb, then you’re likely to fail if the consequences are too dramatic. If the car suddenly fly’s forwards uncontrollably, then you’ve had it!

10.Pulling a ‘wheel spin’ when moving off. A wheel spin is basically a skid. If you apply the accelerator too hard before you lift the clutch, then it’s possible that this could occur. And no surprises for guessing that a ‘wheel spin’ results in a failure!

And these are just 10 Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

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